We're on a mission to reinvent attitudes to failure when coding

Introducing Ocobox®️, the tool to demystify coding for students aged 14+ by turning failure into a positive first attempt in learning

Ocobox®️: The IDE and Integrated Chatbot

Our AI Learning Assistant and Coding Expert is a chatbot within a programming editor which helps students who fear failure by breaking down error messages, celebrating first attempts in learning and providing instant feedback.

Encourages learning independence

By giving students the confidence to ask question and allows teacher's more time to focus on deeper learning.

Making coding accessible to all! 

Ocobox demo
Awards & Recognitions
Young Innovator's Winner 2020/2021
Innovate UK Young Innovator 2020/2021
Young Innovator's Next Step Award Winner 2022/2023
Innovate UK Next Steps Award 2022/2023
Evidence Aware with EDUCATE 2021
UCL Educate Evidence Aware
AWS EdStart Innovator 2022
Young Innovator's Next Step Award Winner 2022/2023
Women in Innovation Award Winner 2023/2024
Schmidt Futures Tools Competition Winner
Schmidt Futures Tools Competition Winner 2023

Promoting Productive Failure

Ocobox®️ allows students to explore ideas and – crucially – make mistakes along the way. These mistakes become part of the learning process.

Easy to use Python Editor & Compiler

Ocobox is a “no fuss” coding editor and compiler* which is designed with young learners at the forefront of its mind.

* Compiler definition: it translates a student’s code into a low level language which the device understands. Enabling them to run their code locally!​

Breaks down over complicated language found in error messages​

For those starting GCSE and Alevel Computing, error messages can be overwhelming and often become a barrier.

Ocobox helps students translates them whilst not masking them to give them the skills to debug outside of the app​

AI that learns along with you and gives feedback straight to the students​

Resilience can be the hardest thing to develop in a classroom. Introducing an embedded AI in the Editor gives students a chance to ask questions free of any feelings of judgment. ​

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Friendly​

We are determined not to let divide students and be a barrier to learning. As not everyone has computer at home, Ocobox is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly, so student’s can create and innovate regardless of what device they have at home.​

About us

At My Code Kit, our mission is to reduce the digital skills divide and provide innovative learning opportunities for all. We are led by two passionate co-founders, Melenie Schatynski and Mia Pledger, who created our flagship product, Ocobox®️, together.

We believe everyone has the potential to be a creator of new technologies, and we want to help them reach their full potential.

Interested? Join our beta!​

We’re busy beavering away with our user testing and we would love your help! ❤️ If you’re a school or education program, become among the first people to try Ocobox®️

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