My Code Kit’s Journey to Empower Coding for Beginners

My Code Kit, Winner of Tools Competition

In an era where coding skills are becoming essential, for many students, especially beginners, are afraid of getting started. This is where we come in, we are thrilled to announce that My Code Kit has been named one of the proud winners in the 2022-2023 Tools Competition. We have been recognized for our innovative project aimed at simplifying coding for secondary school students. 

We have received $50,000 grant in support of its development, placing us among teams from 12 different countries that have collectively secured over $4million in funding to develop tools to impact 35 million.

Personalised and enjoyable coding education

My Code Kit’s award-winning solution offers a personalised and enjoyable coding education, eliminating the fear of making mistakes. We believe that making mistakes is an essential part of learning, especially in coding for beginners. With My Code Kit, students can embark on their coding journey with confidence, knowing that they have a supportive environment to explore and grow their coding skills.

Our flagship product, ‘Ocobox®,’ is specifically designed for GCSE, N5, and K-12 students in secondary schools. It employs AI technology to encourage “productive failure,” allowing students to explore and make mistakes while receiving friendly feedback from a chatbot support system. This approach enhances their learning potential and supports their growth.

Bridging the Digital Skill Gap

Moreover, STEM studies are at the forefront of innovation and progress; however, there is a digital divide in the world today. Learning can be challenging for individuals who lack access to quality educational resources. This can limit the ability to leverage technology effectively and participate in the digital world. We aim to contribute to alleviating these issues and simplify the learning process. 

We are not only focused on introducing beginners to coding but also enhancing their coding skills and fostering greater inclusion in STEM studies. Regardless of background or prior experience, our vision is to make coding education accessible to everyone. Coding is not just a skill; it’s a gateway to innovation and a brighter future.

Our chief Operating Officer, Mia Pledger expresses her enthusiasm, saying;

‘ We aim to inspire young individuals to become creators of new technologies by fostering a love for learning and natural curiosity, especially in coding for beginners.’

This award emphasizes our unwavering commitment to this cause.

Our Partnership Goal

We are excited to partner with the Tools Competition, allowing us to collaborate with education researchers from around the world. This collaboration ensures that our product has a positive impact on a global scale. Our mission extends to empowering students in more than 50 countries, encouraging them to explore and build resilience as they embark on their coding journey as beginners.

This marks the third cycle of the Tools Competition, which has already awarded nearly $10 million to 80 ed tech innovators. The 2023-2024 cycle of the Tools Competition launched on September 21, 2023, click here.

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